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Excellent quality neckties and bowties

Our neckties on amazon.co.uk

On Amazon.co.uk you can find our collection of silk neckties Rosini and of course silk neckties Chairman Style which are now eligible for Super Saver Delivery and Amazon Prime to 10 EU countries - United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain. Other countries are served as usually - postage for first necktie is only 0,50 GBP and for shipment 2,91 GBP

Who we are

Established in 1997, varanasi Co., s.r.o. is a manufacturing and trading company serving clients throughout the entire world. Our company is located in Czech Republic, Europe and from 2007 also in Shanghai, China, as we strive to better explore and supply the global market.

We provide services such as pre-sales support, order handling and processing, design, sampling, manufacturing management, quality control. Our factory currently employs more than 600 skilled workers and the number is still growing as we try to meet continuous business expansion.


Silk neckties

We use very fine silk, which produces an incomparable shine and soft feel. Our silk ties are considered as luxury accessories but we can still offer much more. For those most challenging events - you may select with confidence from our self-tipping silk neckties.

Microfiber neckties

Neckties made from microfiber are extremely soft and hold their shape exceptionally well. When compared to a silk tie, a microfiber necktie is much more stain resistant, without sacrificing an elegant shine and luxurious feel.

Polyester neckties

Even for these neckties, we use the best polyester thread on the market. As result, there is a beautiful necktie for everyday use.

Silk and polyester bowties

Tied and untied silk bowties and tied polyester plain coulour bowties.

Custom made shirts

We can produce any shirt exactly according to your specifications. For example shirts for leisure time, high-quality formal shirts with single or double cuff. You will find more information on our pages specialised on custom made shirts.


varanasi Co., s.r.o.
Ruzickova 511
76901 Holesov
Czech republic
tel.: +420 603480790
e-mail: e-ties@varanasi.cz
website: www.e-ties.eu

Neckties ordered in our e-shop are usually dispatched on the same day you placed your order!


www.reklamni-kravaty.cz: Production of custom ties and promotional ties (in Czech language)

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